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Jupudi Elite

Make your home among serenity, activity and convenience with Jupudy Elite, a vision to make metro-class quality and amenities available in your city. With luxurious, green landscaping and amenities for activity and fun, our project is designed to bring you the delight and peace-of-mind that only quality living can bring. Visit Jupudy Elite and invest in quality living today!

Among privacy & greenery

Landscaped Courtyards

Courtyards are planned and planted with perennial shrubs, plants and trees. Step out of your house into shaded nooks, quiet corners and sun-dappled open-to-sky spaces.

Lush Edge Gardens

Walk along fragrant, lush pathways landscaped with local flora. Enjoy the sights and sounds of birds and bees and experience the bounty of nature all year through.

Terrace Lounge

The beautifully designed terrace, with large tree planters and green walls, creates the perfect space to enjoy the riverside breeze with family and friends.

Activities for all ages

Kids Play Area w/ climbing wall

The play area with safe, age-appropriate activities is designed for hours of activity & fun, be it with play equipment, climbing walls or just fantastic made up games with friends!

Swimming pool w/ sundeck

Get your fitness fix with laps in the green-edged swimming pool. Relax on the paved sun deck against the backdrop of fresh greenery, cool breeze and gentle water sounds.Experience rest and recreation every time you step outdoors.

Open Gym / Yoga Court / Fitness Arena

The rooftop facilities are designed to kick-start a healthy routines. Whether stretching to the skies in the yoga court, pumping iron in the open gym or simply curling up with a book in the reading nook, the terrace lounge is perfect for activity and leisure.

Architecture for modern sensibilities

Customised Floor Plans

Floor plans of 2/3 BHK homes are crafted to optimise on space. Modern concepts like open kitchens, integrated utility areas and built-in storage make everyday routines a breeze.

Enhanced privacy & ventillation

The layouts of 2 BHK and 3 BHK residences are designed for living together with privacy and harmony. Carefully placed balconies and windows bring in light and flush homes with

fresh air and green views.

100% Vaastu Compliant

Residence layouts are designed as per Vastu principles. The orientation of entrances, placements of kitchens and toilets and more, contribute towards creating harmonious living


Ultimate Riverside Residences

Floor Plans

Residence layouts maximise on space, light and privacy. Spacious rooms, adjoining balconies and ample light from windows create fresh, well-lit living spaces. Modern, high-quality fittings and finishes go further to create your very own hassle-free home.

2 BHK - 15 units

3 BHK - 25 units

Master Plan

Tech Specifications

Bespoke Riverside Address

Situated at a premium, riverside location, Jupudy Elite brings together, location, quality and amenities to create living spaces for the discerning homeowner. With city amenities and conveniences just a short drive away, get the full benefits of city-living, while among serene natural settings.


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National Highway



Aditya Hospital



St. Ann's School



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